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The difference between interior design and interior decoration

Many people use both the ‘interior design’ and ‘interior decoration’ terms to describe the home interiors industry, but these terms actually have their own separate meanings and aren’t interchangeable. They are both, however, important parts an features of any home makeover project and each are important in any mission to create a wonderful home space. The best effects come when both interior design and interior decoration are used in perfect conjunction with each other.

An interior designer will usually have a really strategic into any building project, from the early planning stages, and use various methodologies, research, and analysis to create a building that meets its exact requirements. Interior designers should have thorough and detailed knowledge of building projects and will be able to advise on structural decisions and any building rules and regulations. They will also consider the effect of things like light, movement, sound, and the external space, on a building and how that should impact the building’s architecture. Interior designers often have official qualifications, whereas an interior decorator requires no qualifications apart from style and industry knowledge.

Interior decoration is the art and process of actually adorning and decorating your home, or any interior space, with furniture and any other decorative items that aren’t permanent. Concerned with textures, colours, and styles of furniture, an interior decorator will often take inspiration from the space created by an interior designer or an inherited space to enhance it and make it personal. Although design psychologies such as colour therapy might be explored and used by interior decorators, it is less of a structured and scientific practice than interior design.

It’s simple to understand why both of these activities get confused, as they work so well together and both should be consulted in tandem if you want to create a perfect interior space. For example, the qualities your interior designer has brought to your home should be carefully enhanced by your interior decorator, and open communication between the two contractors is essential for creating the perfect space. Providing your interior decorator with your interior designer’s plan for your home will mean that any research and purchases will be carried out with the final interior design of your home in mind.

Many professionals will specialise in one but can advise in other, have contacts etc. It’s highly likely that if you hire a consultancy to manage your home’s interior design, they will be happy to recommend an interior decorator from the same consultancy, or an external party that they can recommend and endorse. They should also have knowledge of each other’s responsibility. For example, an interior designer will be able to make suggestions to your interior decorator, and your decorator will flag potential enhancements you can make to the structure of your home for the better, but will require an interior designer to fulfil.