Interior design and architect of SCF Office Dubai

The difference between interior design and interior architecture

The boundaries between interior design and architecture are clear, as people usually understand architecture, as a science, relates to the structure of a building, and the harder features of its DNA. Interior design is of course the artful planning and decoration of a property. What can be confusing, is the difference between interior design and interior architecture. Both are specialist subjects that relate to the style, look, and feel, of the inside of any building, usually homes or commercial spaces.

Interior architecture is a more scientific skill that usually requires formal education, and often a university degree. An interior architect will work with building contractors and other subcontractors to design and create the harder, structural features of a building that determines how it both looks and operates. Room shapes and sizes, the placement of windows and doors, plumbing, heating, and any other utilities will be considered by an interior architect in a professional, and strategic manner.

An interior designer is more focused on the look and feel of a room, and the more temporary features. Once a building has been given all of its harder features by the architect and subcontractors, the interior designer will begin their work that relates usually to furniture, colours, and textures that reflect a certain business’ or families personal style and enhances the interior architectural features. While it is possible to study interior design academically, there are no legal requirements to become an interior designer, as it’s a profession that relies on style and how to use it. Interior design is more of an art, whereas interior architecture can be considered a science. That being said, a good interior designer will be able to create a certain look and feel in any room using the features that they have been given.

In a long term project, or a new building project, interior architects and interior designers will often consult one another and work together to achieve the best final result for the client. Having spoken to the client and whilst working together to achieve the same goal, communication between your interior architect and interior designer can translate into fantastic results. By speaking to each other openly and honestly, your property’s architecture does not need to be limited by its décor, and vice versa.

If you’re not looking to make any impactful changes to your property’s layout or building structure, and but you’d like to freshen up your décor and give your property a new narrative, it’s an interior design consultant you need to speak to. If you’d like to make bigger changes to update the way your property runs and feels through its very core, speak to a recommended and accredited interior architect.

At Massa, we take care of everything so that you do not need to hire different people. We have all of the expertise under one roof so you only need to speak to us for all of your needs and we will take care of the rest.