Collage of restaurant and cafe interiors

10 tips and ideas for restaurant and cafe interior design

Sometimes, the design and atmosphere of a restaurant or café is as important as the food you serve. If you need inspiration in that department, have a look at our tips and ideas for designing a restaurant to remember:

  1. Dimly lit spotlighting

For a romantic, subtle, and moodier atmosphere, rely solely on dimly lit spotlights to create an intense and brooding theme. This makes your customers focus on each other, the food, and not much else. Darker colours and rich materials like leather and dark wood will help you out on this one.

  1. Renovated building

Some of the most striking and beautiful buildings are ready for you to use. Abandoned churches, barns, and even industrial buildings can make fantastic eateries, with high ceilings and fantastic surroundings.

  1. Art Deco

Recreate the social and lively atmosphere of the roaring 1920s with a suave and sexy Art Deco theme. Use sharp, dramatic, and glamorous colours and shapes to give your customers a slice of Manhattan and Parisian allure.

  1. Minimalism

If your restaurant’s main selling point is the quality of the food you serve, keep the focus on this by going with a minimalist interior design theme. With a striking but simple dining area, your punters will be fully focused on your food in a relaxed and calming atmosphere.

  1. Country pub

In cooler climates, nothing can quite beat an old-fashioned country pub. Inspired by traditional British food, there’s something wonderful about plush and comfortable seating, friendly service, and a huge roaring fire to keep you warm.

  1. Pure luxury

Luxe materials like marble surfaces, copper features, and hardwood furniture exude extravagance and beauty to give your restaurant a high-end and glamorous vibe. Add gorgeous leather and suede panels for a true rebirth of classic indulgence and style.

  1. Unique concept

For word-of-mouth marketing and to draw new customers to your restaurant regularly, go with a brand new concept that has never been seen before. Tie together your interior design with the story that your food tells to give your customers an experience that will have them return again and again.

  1. Communal dining

Many restaurants are enhancing dining experiences by encouraging communication between strangers. Do this by installing long benches and larger tables instead of separate dining areas for each party. It’s unusual for most diners, but a fantastic talking point and culture changer.

  1. The natural look

An all-wooden restaurant can have a stunning and breath-taking style, highlighting your commitment to the environment and natural world. Consider the type of wood carefully, since light and dark woods can create different types of atmospheres.

  1. Central art feature

Installing a unique feature that reflects your eatery really well as a quick and sure-fire way to make an impact on your guests and create an instant photography and talking point. Think about statues, plants and trees, or structures in quirky shapes, sizes, and colours for maximum effect.